Our References at a Glance

zanox – europe’s leading performance advertising network

  • architecture lead for the migration of the zanox customer platform
  • introduction of a messaging solution for cross-platform event exchange
  • evaluation of client side Javascript as new user interface core technology
  • consulting on technical risk and effort for planned projects

Customer Achievements:

  • realization of a highly complex customer platform migration
  • higher efficiency and new product opportunities due to newly introduced technologies

frents.com – renting things between friends and neighbours

  • implementation of a reward system to create user activity incentives
  • realization of a virtual presentation room for owned things (see picture)
  • integration of Amazon's product API for product presentation and purchase offerings

Customer Achievements:

  • realization of a monetization strategy based on affiliate marketing
  • achieved product improvements lead to a second round financing

ResearchGate – the leading social network for researchers

  • improvements and refactoring of the existing news feed system
  • prototyping of a live news feed to follow favorite topics and network updates
  • contributions to infrastructure refactorings to improve platform scalability

Customer Achievements:

  • ResearchGate's news feed is one of its central core features today
  • the network managed a growth from some thousand to more than a million users

German Areospace Centre – ShipDetection

  • Design and implementation of a system for ship detection on TerraSarX satellite images
  • Near-real-time processing of large scenes (> 2GB images) with efficient distributed algorithms
  • High accuracy of detection results including verification in combination with other data sources

Customer Achievements:

  • World leader in radar satellite based marine traffic monitoring
  • Core member of world-wide and EU research and marine monitoring projects

Merkur Bank – BauPro 2.0

  • Complete rework of an application for refinancing real estate development projects.
  • Business critical application for project monitoring and risk control.
  • Architecture and user requirements lead for the for the application design.

Customer Achievements:

  • Leading role in refinancing real estate development projects.
  • Significant improvements for project and credit risk monitoring.